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The American Tsunami
1. The American Tsunami

Posted by Bob on September 6th, 2007

We are approaching the end of the greatest half-century of socioeconomic growth in the history of humankind. Indeed, it is growth greater than was accomplished in the history of recorded civilization. To be sure, the last five decades have generated more wealth than the 14 million years of human evolution. And America has led this growth with its free enterprise principles and its free trade policy!

Why is it then that we Americans are not celebrating this most awesome accomplishment in human history? Could it be because we find ourselves attenuating in our leadership characteristics even as we are serving to culminate world growth? Could it be that even as we are powering forward and empowering others to do likewise, we are being “hollowed out” by enemies from within and without?

We may view illustrations of the influence of The Freedom Functions upon World Income Distribution (see Figure 1). As may be noted, there is significant growth in Per Capita Income for each decade. Not only is growth in income relative for countries but absolute for the world.


Figure 1. World Per Capita Growth Projected by Decades

These world economic curves are comprised of individual country curves. As may be noted, the curves build to a crescendo. Like a gathering “Tsunami,” they follow the leader. Like a gathering Tsunami, they project to build forever.

The movement toward growth has been led by the continuously growing American economy (tsunami01a.gif). The USA has been functioning as the exemplary performer since the beginning of the world curve. Indeed, the USA has suffered great deficits in trade with its trading partners in order to drive The Free Enterprise Economy. All other large economies such as those of Japan and Europe run in America’s “draft.”Within the world’s curves, “The Great Leap Forward” of China, now with the world’s second-largest economy, is noteworthy. China is positioning itself to provide the alternative to the American model of Free People and Free Enterprise: “Controlled People and Free Enterprise!” Many Asian communities such as India are looking to China as the 21st century exemplar because it has built-in markets (Think 1.3 billion people).

Idiosyncratically, the USSR is recovering from its eternal conflict between good and evil: Totalitarian Rule while hoping it can learn the technologies necessary to get enough fossil fuel out of the ground to embrace Free Enterprise Benefits.

Of course, there are the exceptions to continuous growth. Countries are left behind. Where both Asia and Africa suffered from overwhelming poverty and disease five decades ago, now both continents are growing.

A Tsunami is a huge tidal wave caused by seaquakes and volcanic eruptions. Conceived as an economic wave, it promises huge benefits. Why are we not celebrating the projected benefits? Could it be because we fear the projected costs to our freedoms, our way of life, our way of learning, our way of working, our labor?

Could it be that we Americans fear the “Tsutsugamushi” of China—little micro-organisms transmitted by mites that cause the infectious disease of rickets? Could it be that we Americans fear being “hollowed out” as we play the “parasitical host” endorsed by our own leaders, including especially our president?! Could he be wrong? Let us explain.

The American Tsunami
2. Normal Curves and Monoliths

Posted by Bob on September 7th, 2007

The fundamental assumption of The Probabilities Sciences that dominate our civilization in all areas is this: that all phenomena are normally distributed. Normal curves are “Bell-Shaped” curves (see Figure 2).


Figure 2. Normal Curve

As may be noted, the curve rises from minimal frequencies to converge in great numbers at maximal frequencies, and then attenuates again to minimal frequencies of distribution. Some measure (mean, medium, mode) of the maximal frequency of distribution is considered the central tendency of the curve. All phenomena are represented by their degree of deviation from the central tendency.

This assumption has been of great service to civilization. The “tolerances” of tools and machines are calculated by their deviation scores. The “quality control” of products and services is dictated by deviation scores. Indeed, “functionality” of people is estimated by some measure of their deviation from the central tendency.

For example, the “Standards of Learning” of “No Child Left Behind” legislation are calculated by the individual child’s deviation scores from some central tendency of the entire population. Sadly, when teachers begin the school term in the Fall, they observe their students in order to estimate where they will fall on the curve. James Brown said it best in his music:

“If you’re white, you’re all right.
“If you’re black, step back.
“If you’re brown, hang around.”

Unfortunately, the assumptions of normal distribution are false and the implications of their applications may be disastrous.

Nothing in God’s natural universes was created to distribute normally!

Normalcy dictates Monoliths!

The American Tsunami
3. Totalitarianism and Variability

Posted by Bob on September 8th, 2007

We can understand the evolution of cultures best with a comparison of the curves of Totalitarianism and Freedom:

The central tendency in an Unfree Society becomes institutionalized (See Figure 3). The first stage in Totalitarianism may be conceived of as an Ignorance Stage, and ignorance is always intentional. As can be seen, the logical goal of facilitating peoples’ or culture’s development toward a higher level of functioning is ignored. This situation occurs when those in the mainstream treat all marginal people (tsunami01a.gif) the same: high functioning people just as well as low functioning people. It is just too much work for the comfortable people to become productive people. At most, they need energy to adapt to their circumstances; they are caught up in an incentive system that demands very little and sometimes even rewards them; they care not about the people around them; they get away with vague concepts of efforts at work; they are concerned only with being critics, diagnosing others from an external frame of reference. They seek to institutionalize these characteristics and make people over in their images. That way they will always be comfortable and never be vulnerable—even as they die, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.


Figure 3. The Movement Toward Restricted
Variability of Unfree People

What happens during the second stage of Totalitarianism, a Stage of Restriction, is that the variability becomes more and more restricted. This is accomplished by channeling the extremes on any index into the mainstream. Thus, the highs and the lows become fewer and less prominent and the central tendency is accentuated.

This restrictiveness is carried to an extreme of “Leptokurticism” during the third Stage of Elimination. During this stage, those marginal peoples—high and low—who were not “mainstreamed” for one reason or another are eliminated. Thus, the central tendency is further exaggerated as the peoples come increasingly to look like each other.

The fourth stage may be conceived of as a Destructive Stage, although the process has been destructive throughout. Finally, all variance is destroyed and encompassed within one single dimension on any one index. We see this most clearly in advanced stages of all authoritarian societies. The people are made over in the image of their leader or council of leaders.

The fifth Stage of Institutionalization may also be considered the Disappearing Stage. Since all peoples appear as one, they can be represented as one. Indeed, the one can be reduced until it has disappeared. The culmination of the institutionalization of humankind is the disappearance of humanity. We see this most clearly in the advanced stages of all totalitarian societies. The people are made over in the image or their leader or leaders. And their leaders are one-dimensional people with one principle of operating—either you are controlled or you are eliminated. In the end, such a system self-destructs.

Even when such a system is overthrown, as in a revolution from within or without, the stages are usually repeated: One source of restrictive variance is replaced with another. Surely, there is utility in doing this when a system is diseased. However, such a program kills or cures. It does not grow, because it maximizes intervention and control and abandons or eliminates sources of variance.

The American Tsunami
4. Freedom and Changeability

Posted by Bob on September 9th, 2007

The central tendency in a Free Society becomes mobilized (See Figure 4). The first stage of Freedom-Building may be conceived of as a Focusing Stage. In a sense, the main body of the variance targets the cultures of marginal people. The people observe the success of the marginal peoples’ operations. And if a significant number of its people—perhaps ten to twenty percent—are attracted to the success, they mobilize to incorporate it.

During the second stage of Freedom-Building, the main body of variance begins to Approach the successful marginal people (tsunami01a.gif). The curve begins to be skewed in the direction of the marginal people as the society seeks to incorporate their productive potency.

In the third stage, the society begins to Incorporate the successful marginal people. In the process of being skewed fully in the direction of the marginal people, there is a tendency for the tail in the other, less functional direction to diminish in size. Thus, people at the less functional end of the continuum are mobilized to move toward the main body of variance (tsunami01b.gif).

In the fourth stage, the society begins to Embody the successful marginal people. In a sense, it has mainstreamed the successful attributes and made them the mode rather than the deviation. At the same time, it is eliminating more of the variance from the less functional end of the continuum.

Finally, in the last stage, the society actually seeks to Enhance the attributes of the successful marginal people. It models and, thus, represents what was once deviant. Also, whether inadvertently or not, it sets the stage for the new variations off the now “mainstreamed theme.” Thus, by representing the attributes of the once-marginal person, society creates the conditions for the development of newly marginal people who will serve to move society still further in the direction of effectiveness.

In summary, Freedom-Building produces people who are more variable in a relative sense and more healthy in an absolute sense. A society dominated by such a system is always skewed toward the fully-functioning person. Such a society is always creating variability by its expanding tolerance limits and its evolutionary growth disposition. Such a society is always moving toward effectiveness and, thus, toward health.


Figure 4. The Movement Toward Increasing Variability in Free Societies

Freedom-Building is a Changeability System. Rather than to replace one restricted source of variance with another as in a revolutionary system, it adds variance in an evolutionary manner. It works effectively when there are healthy aspects of the system to be incorporated and these healthy aspects, in turn, evolve in a free society. It grows by minimizing intervention or control and maximizing variance. It maximizes existing sources of variance by adding incrementally without fundamental alterations.

In the beginning, people are in trouble because they have too few responses available to them. Along the way, fewer people are in difficulty because more people have larger repertoires of responses. In the end, such a system has extensive variability among people functioning at high levels of whatever index is employed.

Such a system is consistent with the laws of science and nature. It is organic in terms of utilizing its own resources as the sources of its own power. It is dynamic in terms of evolving constantly in more and more efficacious forms. It conserves energy in minimizing its investment and maximizing its return. It allows evolution to work at a maximum rate in maximizing the contribution of humans to humans.

The key to the development of a relatively more variable and absolutely more healthy society is the variability of fully functioning peoples or exemplars. Fully func-tioning people are, by definition, more variable on certain specialty dimensions than the society in which they exist. (Indeed, Free Individuals are Infinitely More Variable than All Other Totalitarian Societies Summed Together!) It is precisely this variability that makes it attractive for society to move toward fully functioning people to incorporate them. It is also this same variability that distinguishes fully functioning people from other marginal peoples who are dysfunctional but with whom totalitarian societies tend to confuse the fully functioning person.

In turn, the key to the fully functioning peoples’ variability is their marginality—the ability to see things from a unique perspective; to see the subtle nuances of old dimensions; to develop the full richness of new dimensions. It is this marginality that enables the fully functioning people to actualize their potential and to give society the opportunity to actualize its potential.

For example, all of the movements with “Human” adjectives began in America with approaches to successful, marginal peoples: Human Relations, Human Resources, Human Potential, Human Capital, Human Rights, Human Sciences, Human

Technology. This is seen in the Great American Civil Rights Movement that moved from Physical Slavery and Intellectual Servitude through Ethical and Legal Mandates toward Fully-Functional, if not Morally Operational, Human Rights. It has left the “segregationists” behind to expire at the tail of the moving curve only to encounter the “elitists” and the “classists” and others. So what else is new? The movement continues toward the healthy and related people.

Another illustration is Globalization. As the nations move from Dependency and Reactivity through Independence and Competition, to Interdependence and Reciprocity, they encounter the same experiences: Movement to incorporate the marginal peoples or the high performers. Healthy civilizations require this movement, whatever the protestations of “The Luddites.”

In conclusion, the healthiest societies are moving in the direction of the Actualizers— the once marginal peoples whom other societies sought to eliminate. Actualizers are the sources of creativity and productivity whom constructive societies seek to cultivate. Such societies are moving in the direction of their own Self-Actualization. Such a society is within our grasp.

The American Tsunami
5. Tsunami or Tsutsugamushi?

Posted by Bob on September 10th, 2007

Clearly, continuous growth curves move to incorporate the continuous growing leader (see Figure 5). In so doing, the growth curves increase size as well as variability. The growth curves ask our enduring question: “What is the most productive way to conduct our human journey?”


Figure 5. Continuous Growth Curves Incorporating Exemplary Leaders

The answers are formulated in “The Freedom Dilemma.” Two diametrically-opposed responses. The first response is formulated in sharpest relief by China’s divergent philosophy:

“One Nation—Two Systems!”

Nowhere is this contradiction in terms seen in sharper relief than in Totalitarian China’s superordinate relationship with Hong Kong’s Free Enterprise. The question may be answered by differential future performances:

“Who will influence whom the most?”

Meanwhile, China will continue blithely on its path of embracing Free Enterprise Benefits by “hijacking” the technologies of America’s R & D without the costs of generativity.

The second response is a profound one for America:

“Can America maintain its exemplary generative leadership of Free People
as the source of Free Enterprise?”

To answer this question fully, We the People must consider “The Two World Wars” in which we are now engaged:

  • The “War Within” with Multinational Corporations now dominating policy-making with Command-and-Control Economics;
  • The “War Without” with China and Russia and other “Control Freaks” whose mentalities are hard-wired to stasis while their soft underbellies are harvesting the benefits of change.

The compounding factor is the alliance between the Internal and External Totalitarian Forces. When the “Enemy Within” becomes America’s “First Column” (not the Fifth), then the “Enemy Without” becomes a monopolistically positioned Totalitarian Adversary.

Indeed, this is a “race-to-the-end”—either the end of generative civilization as we have known it; or the end of the totalitarian restriction that civilization has placed on itself.

  • Either The Totalitarian Forces will be empowered to develop intellectual generativity and social responsibility.
  • Or The Freedom Forces will suffer the loss of the great traditions of helping and thinking that gave them Generative-Innovative Positioning.

Siccinctly, either we will be led into a Grand New Age of Enlightenment or back to the Redundant Dark Ages with which we are already too familiar.

In transition, there is a “Gathering Tsunami” of socio-economic explosiveness. The burning question is whether it will generate “World Peace through World Trade” which Tom Watson, Sr., promised us—

Or “World Domination through Market Control” which the Multinationals and China guarantee us!

The “Gathering Tsunami” may be a force for “The Ascent to Light”—

Or the waves may be a redintegration of “The Gathering Storms” of the past leading to yet another “Descent Into Darkness!”

The “blindness” of the Totalitarian Position is that it attempts to control the freedom source of all our generativity. It attempts “to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Falsely based upon the assumption of finite physical resources and the need for continuous conflict to control them, Totalitarianism has repeatedly besotted human history by retarding and, indeed, murdering its own families.

Firmly rooted in the potentially infinite Human Brainpower, Freedom has generated the “breakthroughs” needed to guide its own changeable destiny.

“The Freedom Dilemma” is always the same:

  • Can we educate, empower, and release people to take us places where we have never been?
  • Or do we indoctrinate, intimidate, and control people to go no further than the shrinking boundaries that we have established?

“The Freedom Course” is the course to which God directed us: For each of us to use our Brainpower as the pre-potent resources in The March of Civilization.

“The Control Course” is dedicated to isolating our powerful neuronal structures from real-life intellectual experiences and attenuating their contributions to The March of Civilization.

“The Freedom Course” creates whole new universes of possibilities.

“The Control Course” produces only repeated conditioning trials to the extinction of our one universe of probabilities.

It is all about Human Brainpower:

  • The Tsunami wave is dedicated to generativity!
  • The Tsutsumagushi mite is dedicated to hollowing out brainpower—to become brain dead!

Human history will record what we do.

God will judge us!

Quo vadis?

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