The American Tsunami:
5. Tsunami or Tsutsugamushi?

Posted by Bob on September 10th, 2007

Clearly, continuous growth curves move to incorporate the continuous growing leader (see Figure 5). In so doing, the growth curves increase size as well as variability. The growth curves ask our enduring question: “What is the most productive way to conduct our human journey?”


Figure 5. Continuous Growth Curves Incorporating Exemplary Leaders

The answers are formulated in “The Freedom Dilemma.” Two diametrically-opposed responses. The first response is formulated in sharpest relief by China’s divergent philosophy:

“One Nation—Two Systems!”

Nowhere is this contradiction in terms seen in sharper relief than in Totalitarian China’s superordinate relationship with Hong Kong’s Free Enterprise. The question may be answered by differential future performances:

“Who will influence whom the most?”

Meanwhile, China will continue blithely on its path of embracing Free Enterprise Benefits by “hijacking” the technologies of America’s R & D without the costs of generativity.

The second response is a profound one for America:

“Can America maintain its exemplary generative leadership of Free People
as the source of Free Enterprise?”

To answer this question fully, We the People must consider “The Two World Wars” in which we are now engaged:

  • The “War Within” with Multinational Corporations now dominating policy-making with Command-and-Control Economics;
  • The “War Without” with China and Russia and other “Control Freaks” whose mentalities are hard-wired to stasis while their soft underbellies are harvesting the benefits of change.

The compounding factor is the alliance between the Internal and External Totalitarian Forces. When the “Enemy Within” becomes America’s “First Column” (not the Fifth), then the “Enemy Without” becomes a monopolistically positioned Totalitarian Adversary.

Indeed, this is a “race-to-the-end”—either the end of generative civilization as we have known it; or the end of the totalitarian restriction that civilization has placed on itself.

  • Either The Totalitarian Forces will be empowered to develop intellectual generativity and social responsibility.
  • Or The Freedom Forces will suffer the loss of the great traditions of helping and thinking that gave them Generative-Innovative Positioning.

Siccinctly, either we will be led into a Grand New Age of Enlightenment or back to the Redundant Dark Ages with which we are already too familiar.

In transition, there is a “Gathering Tsunami” of socio-economic explosiveness. The burning question is whether it will generate “World Peace through World Trade” which Tom Watson, Sr., promised us—

Or “World Domination through Market Control” which the Multinationals and China guarantee us!

The “Gathering Tsunami” may be a force for “The Ascent to Light”—

Or the waves may be a redintegration of “The Gathering Storms” of the past leading to yet another “Descent Into Darkness!”

The “blindness” of the Totalitarian Position is that it attempts to control the freedom source of all our generativity. It attempts “to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Falsely based upon the assumption of finite physical resources and the need for continuous conflict to control them, Totalitarianism has repeatedly besotted human history by retarding and, indeed, murdering its own families.

Firmly rooted in the potentially infinite Human Brainpower, Freedom has generated the “breakthroughs” needed to guide its own changeable destiny.

“The Freedom Dilemma” is always the same:

  • Can we educate, empower, and release people to take us places where we have never been?
  • Or do we indoctrinate, intimidate, and control people to go no further than the shrinking boundaries that we have established?

“The Freedom Course” is the course to which God directed us: For each of us to use our Brainpower as the pre-potent resources in The March of Civilization.

“The Control Course” is dedicated to isolating our powerful neuronal structures from real-life intellectual experiences and attenuating their contributions to The March of Civilization.

“The Freedom Course” creates whole new universes of possibilities.

“The Control Course” produces only repeated conditioning trials to the extinction of our one universe of probabilities.

It is all about Human Brainpower:

  • The Tsunami wave is dedicated to generativity!
  • The Tsutsumagushi mite is dedicated to hollowing out brainpower—to become brain dead!

Human history will record what we do.

God will judge us!

Quo vadis?

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