The American Tsunami:
1. The American Tsunami

Posted by Bob on September 6th, 2007

We are approaching the end of the greatest half-century of socioeconomic growth in the history of humankind. Indeed, it is growth greater than was accomplished in the history of recorded civilization. To be sure, the last five decades have generated more wealth than the 14 million years of human evolution. And America has led this growth with its free enterprise principles and its free trade policy!

Why is it then that we Americans are not celebrating this most awesome accomplishment in human history? Could it be because we find ourselves attenuating in our leadership characteristics even as we are serving to culminate world growth? Could it be that even as we are powering forward and empowering others to do likewise, we are being “hollowed out” by enemies from within and without?

We may view illustrations of the influence of The Freedom Functions upon World Income Distribution (see Figure 1). As may be noted, there is significant growth in Per Capita Income for each decade. Not only is growth in income relative for countries but absolute for the world.


Figure 1. World Per Capita Growth Projected by Decades

These world economic curves are comprised of individual country curves. As may be noted, the curves build to a crescendo. Like a gathering “Tsunami,” they follow the leader. Like a gathering Tsunami, they project to build forever.

The movement toward growth has been led by the continuously growing American economy (tsunami01a.gif). The USA has been functioning as the exemplary performer since the beginning of the world curve. Indeed, the USA has suffered great deficits in trade with its trading partners in order to drive The Free Enterprise Economy. All other large economies such as those of Japan and Europe run in America’s “draft.”Within the world’s curves, “The Great Leap Forward” of China, now with the world’s second-largest economy, is noteworthy. China is positioning itself to provide the alternative to the American model of Free People and Free Enterprise: “Controlled People and Free Enterprise!” Many Asian communities such as India are looking to China as the 21st century exemplar because it has built-in markets (Think 1.3 billion people).

Idiosyncratically, the USSR is recovering from its eternal conflict between good and evil: Totalitarian Rule while hoping it can learn the technologies necessary to get enough fossil fuel out of the ground to embrace Free Enterprise Benefits.

Of course, there are the exceptions to continuous growth. Countries are left behind. Where both Asia and Africa suffered from overwhelming poverty and disease five decades ago, now both continents are growing.

A Tsunami is a huge tidal wave caused by seaquakes and volcanic eruptions. Conceived as an economic wave, it promises huge benefits. Why are we not celebrating the projected benefits? Could it be because we fear the projected costs to our freedoms, our way of life, our way of learning, our way of working, our labor?

Could it be that we Americans fear the “Tsutsugamushi” of China—little micro-organisms transmitted by mites that cause the infectious disease of rickets? Could it be that we Americans fear being “hollowed out” as we play the “parasitical host” endorsed by our own leaders, including especially our president?! Could he be wrong? Let us explain.


  1. George Says:

    Dear Bob,

    We Americans need to understand that with the thinking power of freedom and freedom building we have the capacity as a country to define our national identity for the Twenty-first Century. Through our history our identity has been formed significantly in reaction to our enemies. We have defined who we are as a country through wars against Nazi Germany and Communism. The question is can we meaningfully define our identity, do we know who we are in the absence of external threat?

    When we define our national identity by our capacity to think rather than by a list of our enemies, America will harness and expand its extraordinary resources such as the economic energy of the Tsunami from the greatest half-century of economic growth ever. Failing to find a national identity based on our capacity to think, we will be ravaged by an enemy within us that being the Tsutsugamushi of dependency.

  2. Sue Says:

    Dear Bob,

    What you and George are saying is exciting — an identity that goes beyond our independence, beyond our list of enemies, to an identify of meaningful relationships with others. You are challenging us to think differently, to think in relationship to others, to use our capacity to think to expand the powers of our waves. It is a challenge worthy of our time and our intent.

    Thank you.

  3. Rick Muise Says:

    Dear Bob,
    What steps must we take to define our national identity by our capacity to think rather than by a list of our enemies? WIll the process be top down, bottom up or both?


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